Education Law

We Are Available to Speak

Reisman Carolla Gran & Zuba attorneys are available to speak to your organization or constituents on a wide variety of relevant disability topics. Regular topics include:
  • Current issues in Special Education
  • Preparing for your child's IEP meeting
  • What to do if you disagree with your school district
  • Advocating for and protecting your child’s rights under state and federal law to obtain extended school year services (ESY)
  • Obtaining reimbursement for private school placements
  • Discipline issues
There is no charge for speaking services. Contact the law offices now to schedule an event for your group.
Special Education Law

The attorneys at Reisman Carolla Gran & Zuba are personally and professionally experienced with the special education process.  We provide consultation and guidance regarding the legal rights of children with disabilities, requirements in connection with the development of an Individualized Education Program, and legal options when parents cannot come to an agreement with a school district.  With over one hundred combined years of litigation experience, we can, if necessary, pursue available remedies in administrative due process as well as in federal and state court.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My school district is trying to expel my son. Can I prevent this if I agree to have him classified for special education?
  • Is it appropriate for the school district to come to an IEP meeting with the IEP already written?
  • Are school districts responsible for providing social skills training?
  • My school district told me that it does not have to provide any services if I do not sign the IEP. Is this true?
  • If I anticipate a problem with my school district or some other agency providing services, should I see a lawyer before or after the problem materializes?